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Prime Line® and BUILT®

Program Pricing: Will existing co-op pricing be honored?
For BUILT items already in programs, we will honor the pricing through the end of 2011. A minimum 144 unit purchase is required. If lower quantity, then use the new EQP price.

Specials or Coupons: Do existing Prime deals and/or BUILT Deals (i.e., 5% discount) apply to all products?
Yes, except for products where no special pricing applies.

Quality Program: Is the BUILT line QCA certified?
Yes - the BUILT processes and procedures will be incorporated into Prime's procedures, thus they will be QCA certified.

Lifetime Guarantee: Is Prime's lifetime guarantee applicable to BUILT products?

Minimum Quantities: Are there minimums or LTM charges for BUILT products?

Production Time:
Standard production time for a one color, one position imprint is 3-5 business days after proof approval. For multi-color imprints, standard production time is 5-7 business days after proof approval. Three day rush service is available for one color, one position imprints only.

Packaging: What is the standard packaging for BUILT items?
BUILT items are bulk packed.

Self Promotions (PSAs): What is the self-promo pricing for BUILT?
EQP less 20% - The same as other Prime Line's Leeman items.

EQP: If a customer received EQP from BUILT, will they receive EQP from Prime? Yes

Additional Charges: Will Prime's additional charges (i.e., paper proof, running charges, and product proof) apply to BUILT products?
Paper proofs are no charge. All other standard decorating and service charges will apply.

BUILT Samples:
No charge for blank samples under $10 net (at EQP) with a shipper number provided. Blank samples priced at $10 net or more (at EQP) will be invoiced. Freight will also be billed unless a shipper number is provided. Imprinted BUILT samples will be billed at EQP net plus freight. Returned samples will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

Sample Kits: Will there be a BUILT sample kit available for purchase?
Yes - In the fall of 2011.

Repeat Orders:
If you previously ordered from BUILT or Teamworld and wish to place an exact repeat order, our standard re-set-up charge of $25(G) will apply. Please provide us with your previous p.o. number so we can obtain your artwork

BUILT & BYO Logos - Are BUILT or BYO items available without the logo?
The BUILT logo must always appear on the outside of the item; the BYO logo can be moved to the inside of the item if requested on a special order basis. If the BYO item is already in stock, the logo cannot be moved.

What is the Quality of the Neoprene Used for BUILT and BYO products?
Built products are made of high quality 4MM - 6MM wetsuit grade neoprene; BYO products have a thickness of 2.0MM - 2.50MM.

How Long will BUILT's Insulated Totes Stay Cold or Hot?
Depending on the temperature, they should stay hot or cold for up to 4 hours. Do not put a BUILT or BYO item in the freezer.
Are BUILT items Water or Stain proof?
They are water resistant, not stain proof.

Can BUILT Products be Washed?
Yes. Most are machine washable. Some must be hand washed. Check the label for care instructions.

Can BUILT Products be Placed in a Dryer?
No. Drip dry only.

Can BUILT Products be Folded?
No. Neoprene is a memory material. If folded, it will retain the crease.

What is the BYO Brand?
It is a value line designed and manufactured by BUILT. It encompasses the better selling features of BUILT

Hang Tag: Do we offer a neoprene hang tag that can be imprinted?
Only by special request

Can the BUILT catalog be imprinted with a distributor's name/logo?
Not the 2011 catalog. Yes for 2012