Our 2018 New & Favorites catalog includes 145 new items. You can view it by clicking the catalogs tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Programs & Company Stores (COOP)

Please contact Prime Line® to register items for a program or company store and receive End Quantity Pricing (EQP). There is a one-time set-up charge (per color and location, based on the imprint method) for the initial order, with no repeat set-up charge on subsequent orders as long as each release is for at least half of the first column quantity. (Exception: $100 (G) per order for VibraTecSM and VibraTecSM plus 4-color process.)

Co-op program orders with the same logo and new dealer copy will incur a set-up charge for each new dealer; all other charges are as per web site. A copy of the catalog or a link to the on-line store featuring Prime Line® items must be submitted to our factory, and all purchase orders must include the program name and Prime Line® quote number.