Prime Line® Announcing DAILY Shipments to CANADA

New FOB Toronto Shipping Program


Program Details:

  • Prime Line has launched daily FOB Toronto shipments from its Bridgeport, CT and Gaffney, SC facilities.
  • Most Prime Line products ship from Bridgeport, CT; most Jetline products ship from Gaffney, SC.
  • Only UPS Ground shipments are eligible for this program.
  • Delivery within Canada will be by UPS; the Bill-To address (and Ship-To address or addresses) must all be in Canada.
  • Item pricing includes duties, fees, customs clearance charges and freight to the Canadian port of entry, which is Mississauga (postal code L4V1H9).
  • FOB Toronto shipments are invoiced in Canadian dollars.
  • HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) is a value-added tax that appears as a separate line item on the invoice. We charge the federal portion (5%), but not the provincial portion (which varies by province and type of goods.
  • Please mark your purchase orders "FOB Toronto."
  • This program is available to all UPS delivery destinations in Canada.

Download Prime Line FOB Toronto Program PDF»


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